Be Still And Know

It vibrates on the wood before the alarm sounds, and every day begins with a noise. The first movement of the day is brought about out of the sheer necessity to shut that thing up. The day dances in this way. A noise, a sound that alerts us to something. A movement. There is so much to be done in a day. Today. Tomorrow. And tell me, how many tomorrow’s do I have left to fall back on?

A simple snapshot (this filter? that filter?) and the things that need done daily etch grooves in the faces. This one has tired eyes from newborn cries but a full heart from the bundle held next to it, and she is finding more wonder and more joy in the days that keep going faster.  That one has a deadline, a deadline, a dead line?, and when it’s e-mail pings and meetings and conference calls from the edge of cereal bowl to the edge of the bed, when do you have time to smile and laugh without a to-do list scrolling behind your eyes? She looks at one option after another, worries, and is there a right or wrong answer? He smiles encouragement, but the questions run over behind hiding eyes, and it’s only the whir of the ceiling fan that drowns them out so he can sleep. Dishes need to be washed. Bills need to be paid. Laundry needs to be folded. Jobs need to be worked. Meals need to be cooked. And always there is one more bullet on the list, one more sound to alert me to something, one more thing that needs my attention, one more option that needs thought through…

Be still and know that I am God.

God is not always in the earthquake or the wind or the fire. He is more often the whisper. He is the ripples on a pond when the sun dancing over the blues and grays like liquid gold. He is the first warm day after a snow when I still need a jacket but the is warmth on my face and light in my eyes. He is the hug that I can swear I feel when I sit with head in hands and finally admit that I have no idea what to do.

It’s become something of a platitude, words that I’ve spoken to hearts when they’re aching or minds when they’re troubled. Be still. Breathe. Remember that God is God. Let that be enough for your soul today, let that bring ease. But maybe it’s not two separate commands, to be still and to know. Maybe it’s more about causation. Be still and you will know Me. Silence your heart and find that I’m here. Quiet your mind and see Me. 

Be Still And Know The I Am God

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I’ve been told since Jesus was a man with a blue sash on a coloring page that He is with me every moment of every day, that He will never leave me, and now that Jesus has lost the blue sash and become my living and breathing Savior, I know it to be true. But knowing and knowing are two different things, one in the head and one in the heart, and there’s all too often a disconnect. If God is everywhere, why don’t I feel Him? If God never leaves me, why do I feel overwhelmed? If He’s always with me, why is the day full of loneliness?

Because I won’t be still enough to know. I don’t silence my heart of its misgivings and fickleness, stop it from nursing its wounds. I don’t quiet my mind of the running tickertape of items that need addressed or from taking apart and second guessing every thing said by every person who said it. But on the occasion where my soul yells ENOUGH and tells my heart and mind to just shut up and go play quietly outside for a moment, I feel it.

I feel Him.

In those moments, so rare that it hurts that stupid pride of mine to admit, I wash the plates and forks with food clinging to them, and hear Him talk to me about the things clinging to me. Let them go. And I know Him. I wipe the dust away from the dark wood furnishings, and feel Him wipe away the dust covering the passions and dreams that He put in me but I had given up on. These are wonderful and good and I made them for you. And I know him. I fold shirt after shirt, the most mindless of tasks and with less in my mind, my soul can feel and listen and rest, and He reminds me of who He is, how merciful and gracious and life-giving and powerful and roaring-yet-gentle. And I know Him.

Be still and know that I am God. He formed my fibers and synapses out of dirt for that purpose – to know Him.




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About Katherine Swing

A new wife. A newer mother. An often unlovable lover of Jesus. A Midwest farm girl putting down roots in a city. A runner, writer, musician, morning person. I don't usually know who I am or what I'm doing. But that's the beauty of it.

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  1. He is in the everyday minutia of our lives. Yesterday, my morning was ripped into with a phone call (never good news so early in the a.m.), my sister in tears telling me the horrible ordeal of the night with an adult child. We talked, we cried, we prayed. I got off the phone and went to the window in my laundry room and the miniature daffodils that had long lost their grocery store blooms, blossomed with ONE tiny golden flower – it was the Lord whispering to me, “HOPE – I’ve got this, trust Me.” In the still, His peace. Lovely post.

  2. Beautiful. I love that verse. I so often find that I hear God when I am quiet. Sometimes he has to hit me over the head to make me listen, but most often it is at quiet, unexpected moments.

    The first time I ever heard God was strange. I was in a store and a woman came into the aisle that I was on. (I was a baby Christian) All of the sudden I heard God tell me she was going to steel the piece of candy that she had picked up. I didn’t know what to do, so I just started praying for her. Super hard!!! I watched her leave the store with the candy in her hand, and I kept praying for this woman. About a minute later she walked back into the store and put the piece of candy on the counter, and then left the store. At that point I knew that God meant for me to pray for people. Sometimes in the beginning it was weird, because I would just get that feeling that God wanted me to do something, Sometimes I was praying for things that I didn’t even understand. There was a kid in the library with a sweatshirt with a skull on it, boy was I praying for that child. I still don’t know why, but I for some reason I felt fear. I shouldn’t have, but it was hard to understand in the beginning. Now I don’t get scared. Sometimes I am just in my car driving and I know I am supposed to be praying for someone. I will check the time and talk to that person later, only to find out that the person was calling for intercessors at that moment in time.

    I love to hear God’s voice. Sometimes, still and small, sometimes loud because I am not being quiet and he wants my attention.

    Thanks for this post. I appreciate sharing here.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  3. This is my favorite verse.

    Thank you for linking up with Woman to Woman’s Word Filled Wednesday. God bless.

  4. Kitty, I’ve read this post twice, and I just shared it to my Facebook page. It’s raining here right now, and it’s way past my bed time, and in the quiet, He is here. Time to log off this computer. Thanks for reminding me to say “enough.”

    So glad you linked up at Thought-Provoking Thursday! 🙂

  5. I was brought here by Lyli and so glad she shared on her FB page. Beautiful! Soaking this in and going to read again.

  6. Profound . Simply . Profound.

    So good to meet you here today, Kitty …

  7. Just yesterday I was reading Isaiah 45 and came across this verse, “Truly you are a God who hides himself …” (v. 15) That wording struck me so because I don’t think God is playing a capricious game of hide and seek with us. And I think you are grappling with the same things here, Kitty. We must be still and that “knowing of God” follows. Great thoughts, my friend!

    • Oh, such a good verse. I agree – God doesn’t hide Himself because He is tricksy, but because He wants us to seek Him out, to be intentional. He’s truly always there, always near – we just have to be making a point to have our “eyes” open. Thanks for reading and adding your thoughts, I love it!

  8. “But knowing and knowing are two different things, one in the head and one in the heart, and there’s all too often a disconnect.”

    That’s a journey I continue to take, connecting the head and heart. For most of my life I accumulated knowledge but it brought no lasting satisfaction; but once I let Jesus spread through all of me–not just my head–I found greater contentment. I’m still not there yet, but he’s not letting go of me until I arrive. Thanks for these beautiful thoughts.

    • If there was a tagline to describe the bulk of my Christian life, that would be it. I was raised in a wonderful, loving Catholic home, and I could ace any Sunday School test – but it wasn’t until the Spirit came into my life that all of the pages in books became real. I think that’s probably true for most of us out there. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Such an amazing verse.

  10. Great post, Kitty. I’m visiting from Monday Musings and enjoyed your encouragement to be still. It’s a challenge for all of us but I’m convinced that God honors it when we are still and know. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is so lovely. The way you see and feel the need for Jesus is stilling my heart–slowing me to receive him in all his loving glory. Thank you.


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